PradaG - "Loud and Liquor Snippet"

PradaG, Formerly Prodigy of Mindless Behavior is Back With His New Single ‘‘Loud and Liquor.''

Atlanta, USA, 13th July 2017 – Prodigy, a former member of Mindless Behavior who is now known as PradaG is back with a mature hot song, his new single Loud and Liquor. Talented Philadelphia-born singer, PradaG has signed to Tara Thomas Agency and is now working with Grammy Award Winning singer-songwriter Teddy Riley and J Sol on this new album to bring out a great undiluted vibe to his fans all over the globe. He was the lead singer of the American boy band and known for his unique, charming voice and astonishing dancing steps. PradaG left Mindless Behavior in September 2013 to go solo, he later returned to the group in December 2014 while working on his solo career with several producers but only to leave finally in 2015.

PradaG began showcasing his talent for music at an early stage in life. He started dancing at 2 years old. His mother and Aunt use to video him around the house and made plenty of home movies. When his father bought him DVD of a movie called "You Got Served" he would watch it over and over until he started doing the moves from it. When his father noticed this, he then started recording him dancing and uploading them to YouTube. PradaG then Prodigy was discovered by Dave Scott who was also the choreographer of You Got Served, and that was how he joined Mindless Behavior.

After leaving Mindless Behavior, PradaG has undeniably accomplished a huge success by coming out with this hit single, Loud and Liquor. The song is hot, the lyrics come out great, and the video is like no other. Loud and Liquor music video is being released , Friday July 14th 2017. It is sure to make you want to jump off your seat; it’s pure magical and unspeakable. To watch the video snippet, visit To get the lyrics,

Contact Information:
Tara Thomas Agency

Tara Thomas
812-558-8882 for media or request him in your city

Craig Crippen or Bull Williams Management 757-338-2010
Teddy Riley Producer
J.SOL- Song Writer

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