Too Short Reportedly Under Investigation For Rape

Los Angeles lyricist Too Short has been accused of raping an artist once signed to his label, and has now found himself under investigation.

According to TMZ, law enforcement has revealed that the alleged incident happened last November and that the accuser went to the police about a month after. The woman, who TMZ did not refer to by name, informed authorities that she was a virgin when she was allegedly sexually attacked by the rapper at a Los Angeles home.

Those close to Too Short claim he in no way had any sexual contact with the alleged victim.

Additionally, TMZ reports that sources close to the musician claimed the allegations came about after the woman was dropped from Short’s label and that the incident is “concocted.”

In January of this year, Tha Celebritea uncovered tweets sent by Ana Lou, a woman who claimed that she “was raped sexually, mentally, and psychologically” by Too Short.

“I know that alot of you were so proud when I got my deal with Too Short, and I hate to disappoint my supporters. But I’m sharing my story…I was raped sexually, mentally, and psychologically. This is why I will not be working with Too Short anymore. Thanks for your prayers,” Ana Lou wrote in two separate tweets sent on January 20.

Ana Lou also revealed that she became suicidal following the alleged rape.

“I wanted to end my own life. I didn’t realize how selfish I was being towards those who really care about me. I had never felt so low…The truth is, I trusted this man as a mentor…My virginity meant nothing to Too Short, but it meant everything to me,” she wrote.

Too Short has yet to reach out to authorities in regards to the rape allegations, reports TMZ.

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