3. Kanye West

The attention whore who aligned himself with the most hated man on the planet, Trump, just for shock value came in third place as biggest fuckboys of 2018. From saying slavery was a choice to the countless of other stupid shit he said and tweeted, his fuckboy syndrome went strong throughout the year and overshadowed his music. Everybody got sick of Kanye because Damn this fuckboy is annoying as fuck.

2. Drake

2018 was the year of Drake being exposed. Boy was it bad. The blackface would have taking the cake if it wasn’t for Drake raising allegations of being a pedophile for having inappropriate conversations with underage girls. The fake ass mobster is out here grooming little girls to later date when they turn 18. Yuck. The deadbeat father who had a baby with a pornstar couldn’t have a worse year despite the machine burying all the bad news to make it seem like he came out on top. One thing for sure. He was one of the biggest fuckboys of 2018.

1. And the award of the biggest fuckboy of 2018 goes to no other than the rainbow troll. Boy did he play himself. He might of skyrocketed to the top but that fall was even harder. All the antics finally caught up to him and the future is not looking too bright for this fuckboy and he has nobody to blame but himself. Kids remember that it was the turtle who won the race. There ain’t no shortcuts to the top and you will reap what you sow so you better watch the energy you throw out to the universe cause it can’t wait to reciprocate it. 

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