K Camp Returns With ‘Kiss 4’ Mixtape

The Atlanta rapper’s latest new mixtape Kiss 4 features eight tracks with production handled by Bobby Kritical, Music MajorX, DeeMoney Beats and Remy. Asia Bryant makes the lone guest appearance on the release.

K Camp spokeabout the differences between Kiss 4 and 2015’s Kiss 3. The “Cut Her Off” artist explained that he devoted more time to the fourth entry in the Kiss series.

Kiss 3 was raw and I finished that in about a week and a half,” K Camp said. “Kiss 4, I took my time with and knew exactly where I wanted to go with it. The females eat it up every time!”

K Camp’s project is something geared for the ladies. The Georgia rhymer is excited for his female fans to finally hear Kiss 4.

“It’s never not the right time,” he said. “My female fan base has been itching for it. I could’ve dropped the shit on Halloween and it still would’ve went up.”

Check out the tracklist and stream for K Camp’s new mixtape below.

K Camp’s Kiss 4 Tracklist

1. “All I Needed” (prod. by Remy)
2. “FWYB” (prod. by Music MajorX and Bobby Kritical)
3. “Come With A Price” (prod. by Music MajorX)
4. “Exhausted” (prod. by Remy)
5. “Naked” (prod. by Bobby Kritical)
6. “Motives” (prod. by Bobby Kritical)
7. “Make Time” (prod. by Music MajorX)
8. “Invitation” Feat. Asia Bryant (prod. by DeeMoney Beats)

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