Chris Brown Confronted By CRIPS Gang Members In Los Angeles??

Chris Brown Confronted By CRIPS Gang Members In Los Angeles?? Chris Brown says he wasn't fazed by the self-proclaimed gang member who screamed at him outside a Hollywood nightclub this week ... telling TMZ that's just how things go in L.A..

We broke the story ... Brown was confronted by an N-bomb dropping loudmouth who claimed he was a member of the Crips -- as he was leaving Playhouse late Wednesday night. It's unclear why he was screaming at Brown, but he seemed to be making a veiled threat when he asked CB if his car was bulletproof.

Chris eventually drove away from the scene, but not before dropping a few F-bombs and N-bombs of his own. But when we saw Brown leaving an L.A. art studio Friday afternoon ... we asked him what he was thinking during the incident, to which he replied, "It's L.A. brother."

He continued, "You just gotta keep your head down and keep walking." Strong words from Brown, who doesn't exactly have a reputation for walking away from a conflict ... but maybe, just maybe, he's finally learning.

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