BREAKING NEWS!!! Big Sean Arrested On Sexual Charges..Was He Trapped or Is He Guilty???

Did he do it? Last night following a concert in Lewiston, NY, Big Sean and an associate, were arrested and charged with third-degree sex abuse, forcible touching and second-degree unlawful imprisonment. They were later released after posting $500 bail each.

Statement via lawyer, Scott E. Leemon.

Last night, recording artist, Sean "Big Sean" Anderson and Willie "Sayitaintone" Hansbro were arrested and then immediately released by the NY State Police in connection with an allegation made by a female who was at their concert in Lewiston, NY. Both men were charged with misdeamenors and they both vehemently deny the allegiations. I am confident, that after further investigation, both men will be vindacted.

We all know of many celebrities being falsely accused by women on these type of charges but you never know. He might be guilty. Well lets just say he lucky that the charges are only misdeameanor and not felonies cause Big Sean dosen't look like he built for the big house. You can download his mixtape in the music section if you are not familiar with him.

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