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Ever get tired of hearing the same song over and over again on the radio or love your radio station so much you want to listen to it everywhere you go? So do millions of other people throughout the world.


Having these same thoughts, Jonathan Padilla aka Dj Primo, decided to do something about this by creating the Mi Yayo Radio show in October of 2008. His idea was to have a radio show concentrating on fresh new music with a focus on Dj skills alongside an energetic host bringing in the latest in entertainment gossip and news. With the help of his partner Sam "Smokey" Hayes, the Mi Yayo Radio show has aired on 89.1fm, 90.7fm, 104.7fm and most recently on 101.1fm as well as www.daoneradio.com and www.thestreetsfm.com. Since then, the Mi Yayo Radio show has evolved into a whole station able to provide a variety of shows 24/7.


Mi Yayo Radio is committed to providing high quality programming by bringing in talented Dj’s with a focus on Dj skills and entertaining hosts with a focus on the latest news/gossip with a comedic twist. Mi Yayo Radio has a tight focus on playing fresh urban music that makes you feel good, while breaking new and upcoming artists. Our vision is to provide Live Mix Shows with entertaining hosts highlighting the hottest freshest Hip Hop music 24/7 on all computers and mobile devices. 


The Mission of Mi Yayo Radio is to become the number 1 Hip Hop station in the world on Internet, Podcasts, and HD Radio with a concentration on mobile devices. Within five years Mi Yayo Radio will not only be the number one Hip Hop Internet Radio station in the world, but will also have people everywhere showing their friends and family throughout the world how to listen to Mi Yayo Radio on their mobile devices.




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