What would you do to improve Mi Yayo Radio?

We want to make sure that you love the site and need to know what we can do to accomplish this.

What are we missing?

What is annoying on this site?

What could be improved on?

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Since you asked...

I think what we missing is an online community...people interacting with each other dropping lines related or non related to the subject in a round a clock fashion...hell most of the heads here 305...this should be like some party line but on some online shit

I also think what people wont say that they find annoying is not in this site...it is the constant SPAM in other sites...I dont think heads trying to see old ass news everyday for a long time...maybe just that new shit and people aint trying to scroll down for like 10 minutes to get past alot of shit just to that good stuff...other than that....


Understandable.. What do you suggest we do to get visitors to the site then? Considering what you've just said, 50% of our traffic actually comes from Facebook. I think we need updated info everyday.. maybe 5-10 blogs. It's hard tryin to do most of this pretty much by myself..

For sure dawg, I get you. I think just continue the FB promotion thing but like you say limit the posts to 5-10 of the hottest newest news shit of the day and  week when spamming.. ..and with me here you will not be by yourself big dawg...I could do 5-10 posts easily on this like I been told you homie

but I think it is how do we get the followers we do have to interact with each other here..or at least talk shit to each other or about the post...or whatever... make the comments a source of entertainment in general...that will attract sum more
All good ideas. Wassup$$$?

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